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    1. TianJin Jinclear Aluminium llc Welcome you the arrival!



      Key words:

      TianJin Jinclear Aluminium llc.|Industrial aluminum profiles | | doors and Windows construction curtain wall profiles | | decoration profile radiator profiles | fence manufacturers

      Jinclear Aluminium

      Professional manufacturer of aluminum production

      Custom processing

      consulting consulting:022-63276794


      Processing customized

      One-stop manufacturer

      Custom processing

      Consulting Hotline:022-63276794

      Years of experience

      Aluminum production experience for many years TianJin Jinclear Aluminium llc. for tianjin jinxin nonferrous metals group subordinate company, tianjin jinxin nonferrous metals group was founded in 1984, focus on all the year round aluminum profile, set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of one-stop manufacturer;

      Can be customized, short cycle and delivery fast

      A variety of specifications, processing customized, inventory sufficient Product category is complete, customers can according to need to processing customized, short cycle, fast delivery

      Sophisticated equipment, professional team

      Advanced equipment, professional one-stop service Can provide you processing production of aluminum alloy building, industry, transportation, electronics, radiator, decorative, civil and other specifications tubes, rods, profiles and status.

      Perfect after-sale service system

      Perfect after-sale service system Huge after-sales service and technical personnel, intimate service 24 hours a day; Perfect service network system, to provide professional and thoughtful technical services can meet all kinds of problems according to the customer, make detailed technical solutions.

      We sincerely invite you to visit our factory

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